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    Post  Euma on Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:25 pm

    Being as Guilds are like families and families play games with each other...yes...I am going somewhere with this...I thought of an idea as something we could do as a Guild and the Winner gets a predesignated amount of loot, money, etc. Early in learning to play, before I joined Dragon Lords, another Guild I was in had a ball that could be thrown to each others backpacks when you were not questing, raiding or otherwise. Well..here is my idea...Either it can be created by a class or maybe have to be suggested to the designers of the game...of which I dont know for certain...create a timer bomb that is activated when thrown to someones bag like the ball was...except...its ticking down...A WOW version of Hot Potato except the person holding it when it blows goes out in a glorious and laughable BANG. That person is then eliminated...and somehow the person who had the Bomb just before the unfortunate soul who blew up loots the dead body...(Keep A Priest nearby for a rez please HAHA) and then it starts again, until the final Toon standing is the one who gets the booty...so to speak or the prize, prezzie....whatever you want to call it. Whatever the loot, cash that was predesignated...goes to that person.
    Now...I have ideas, just dont know enough to procreate them...so if anyone knows if this is something that can be achieved by a a class or profession...great...if its something The Devs have to create...Then I will be glad to present the idea to them, as long as it WE-THE DRAGON LORDS, get the credit for it when other people start buying it at unique vendors. More so...if possible...since WE came up with the idea...anytime its purchased, the money goes into our guild...Yeah...maybe went a little far and greedy with that one...but one never knows until they try hey???
    So...anyway...thats what this Forum is for...Ideas. For the Guild...for each other...for the game as a whole to enrich playing experience even more.
    Post your idea yall!! Lets get this party started!!!

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